There are many reasons to join the AWE, including:

  • Membership of a professional organisation which endorses your skill as a knowledgeable and engaging wine presenter
  • The right to use the AWE logo on business cards, letterhead, websites etc.
  • Your complete personal profile, blog posts, photos and videos on the AWE website increasing your exposure to potential clients.
  • Ability to advertise your events via the AWE website
  • A professionally-produced e-newsletter, AWE Inspiring News, three times a year
  • Networking and support from a friendly and knowledgeable group of enthusiastic wine educators
  • Continuing professional development via a dedicated program of subsidised tastings, seminars and wine study trips organised by the AWE in conjunction with generic bodies and producers
  • Access to tastings organised by the Circle of Wine Writers
  • Discounts at national and independent wine retailers for wines to use for tastings/courses
  • Discounts at wine accessory suppliers
  • Ability to participate in sponsored tasting programs, on behalf of generic wine bodies
  • Invitations to wine trade events and seminars

Good AWE members

  • Keep an eye out for prospective new members
  • Keep their wine knowledge updated through reading, vineyard visits and attendance at wine tastings and events
  • Look for opportunities to work in partnership with other members, for instance for companies who are looking for nationwide events
  • Are mindful that their work and behaviour reflects on the reputation of the AWE as well as themselves
  • Are in high demand!

Good educators

  • Appreciate that their role is to enthuse as well as to teach
  • Encourage questions and answer them fully and directly
  • Keep their core wine knowledge up to date
  • Enjoy their subject
  • Take pleasure in meeting new people

We want to ensure that all AWE members present and communicate about wine at the highest standard. We ask that candidates for full membership have the WSET Diploma and at least one year’s experience of educating people about wine.  You do not need to be teaching WSET qualifications in order to apply.

If you would like to apply, we request references from two people who have been present at an event where you have communicated your wine knowledge. As part of the process an AWE Assessor will attend one of your wine education events.

The fees are an annual subscription fee of £90 per year, running from March and an additional £90 which covers the assessment & joining fee for the Association.  The latter fee is payable in two parts – £35.00 is to cover the cost of the assessment and is due in advance of the assessment.  The balancing £55 is then charged with your annual subscription fee.   The joining and subscription fees are only payable after successful assessment and acceptance by the Council.

There is an additional category of membership – Associate Membership – open to candidates who do not hold the WSET Diploma but do have WSET Level 3 and who are actively involved in wine education and at least one year’s experience of educating people about wine.  The assessment process and fees are identical.

This rigorous process of assessment is necessary to enable the Association of Wine Educators to recommend its members to present at any level of event.

If you have any questions about the application process, please contact us

Wine education is about much more than opening a few bottles and imparting information.

By Richard Bampfield MW

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Note that an annual fee of £90 applies, plus a one-off joining fee of £90. You must also meet the criteria outlined above.

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