How lucky we are to have access to such a an array of diverse wines. The 2019 100 AWEsome Wines brochure features wines from 20 different countries from £6.75 to £35. You might expect the big three to have the most wines selected and you’d be right – France, Italy and Spain between them account for over half the choices submitted but alongside those are wines from Georgia, Brazil, Hungary and many more.  

There are firm favourites such as Rioja and Bordeaux, wines that deserve never to go out of fashion, and there are the more unusual, too, which, as a result of  featuring in the brochure, will no doubt gain a new and appreciative following.  Let’s hope the brochure does the same for the AWE.

Somebody with time on their hands* might like to count up the number of different grape varieties in all the wines of the brochure. There may be three South African Chenin Blancs on page 1 but there’s only one Albarossa on page 11! 

A special mention should go to Katie Jones who had two of her wines selected, Grenache Gris and Fitou, which is the same as the number of wines submitted for Australia. 

I hope you enjoy using the brochure and spending the year tasting through what is a very enticing range of wines. 

*I know AWE members are far too busy to do such a thing!


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