On of our senior members, Christopher Fielden, has made us aware of the recent passing away of former AWE member, Brian Wheaton MW.

I didn’t know Brian personally, but I’m sure his name will be familiar to those of you who have been members for longer than I have. He seems to have been an avid traveller as well as devoting time to educating and writing on wine and more.

If any members have memories of Brian that they would like to share, please feel free to add a comment here.

  1. Paul Howard 8 years ago

    My memories of Brian is that he was a lovely, kind and knowledgable man. I had the honour of being on a trip to Friuli with him a few years ago, which is where I met him and we became friends. I recall after a long, hot and enjoyable day tasting our group was split into smaller groups in order to stay at wineries, there being no hotel big enough in the area to take us all. I ended up sharing a room with him and, when we arrived, to our great joy, there was a swimming pool…a midnight dip we took accompanied by a bottle of Friuli Isonzo has ended up in many a wine story. Happy days!

  2. Carolyn Bosworth-Davies 8 years ago

    Just like Paul – I first really met Brian on an AWE trip to Portugal.

    As many of you who know Portugal well know that they want you to see and do everything. We were taken in Lisbon to one of the famous Fado restaurants. Poor Brian’s face thoroughout the evening was a picture and he managed to eventually fall asleep. At the end he was a gracious as ever to our hosts, saying what a wonderful evening it had been.

    He also was the Wine Guide on a Saga trip that my parents were on some years back. My mother mentioned out the connection and he was absolutely charming – as was his wife – and made a real point of looking out for my parents.

  3. Neil Courtier 8 years ago

    Oh yes – the Fado restaurant in Lisbon! Brian and I sat opposite each other and like two naughty school-boys, found it difficult to contain our laughter when confronted by a guitarist! The heady music and free-flowing Portuguese wine – got the better of us!
    I only met Brian on two or three occasions, but he will be fondly remembered. A gentleman in the true sense of the word.

  4. Emily 6 years ago

    I remember Brian for not just his passion, and knowledge, but also how much he made me laugh on my way to work (audio book, not in person).
    I’ll miss him greatly

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