Some of you, I’m sure, will know that AWE member, Anne Krebiehl MW, is walking  a new path in life. Thankfully, she is still in writing but she is also now editing and compiling as Editor-in-Chief of Falstaff Magazine’s English language version. Falstaff has been produced in German in Austria since 1980 but this is their first international edition.

I interviewed Anne earlier this week:

LC: Congratulations on your exciting new job as Editor of Falstaff. Can you outline the magazine’s history and its new future with you?

AK: Founded in 1980 as a wine magazine in Austria, Falstaff now is an established media platform in German-speaking Europe with leading publications and websites in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In all three countries Falstaff publishes authoritative annual wine guides reflecting and representing these countries’ wine industries. The German and Austrian guides also appear in English.

LC: Is it only online or will it be in hard copy too?

AK: Our inaugural issue is digital only, as from our autumn issue onwards, we will also be in print!

LC: What makes Falstaff different from other wine magazines?

AK: The fact that it is not just a wine magazine: it really is about wine, food and travel – and nobody else in the publishing space is doing this right now. It is the triple focus that makes the magazine much more accessible. So the wine content is a very strong part of Falstaff, but not exclusively so.

LC: Who are your wine tasters?

AK: This year so far, I have not done a whole lot of tasting…but there are my colleagues in Austria, Germany and Switzerland who taste a lot: Peter Moser (Austria, Bordeaux, Port) , Ulrich Sautter (Germany, Bordeaux), Othmar Kiem & Simon Staffler (Italy) and Dominik Vombach and Benjamin Herzog in Switzerland who taste all Swiss and Spanish wines.

LC: I assume the English language version will be internationally focussed but will it still have an Austrian leaning?

AK: While there are two Austria-focused features in this inaugural issue, we are definitely a global publication. And we have a lot of depth when it comes to Austrian tasting notes.

LC: What percentage of the articles will you write yourself?

AK: That will vary from issue to issue – but I love writing and I hope I can continue to do as much as possible!

LC: How will you choose your subjects/stories?

AK: The stories and subjects always have to fit into the overarching theme of the issue – and that overarching theme does try to catch a current mood and zeitgeist – of course, our inaugural issue is called “A New Beginning”, because it feels like the world is opening up a little again, and we tentatively begin to travel. The October issue will be called “A Sense of Place” and it will focus on authentic things that are linked to place and provenance. This is how we come up with our ideas – and we try and have a really global view when deciding.

LC: How do AWE members ensure they get each copy?

AK: By clicking on the free download link here

LC: How many are issues are printed annually?

AK: It will be issued quarterly and the print run will be 100,000 distributed globally.

LC: Thank you, Anne. I have loved the Falstaff newsletters I’ve received and the photographs on the Instagram account. In fact, the visual aspect of the magazine is outstanding – I look forward to a thorough read of what I know will be a happy blend of education and hedonism. Congratulations and all the best for your own new beginnings.

For more information about the publication click here

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  1. Vivienne Franks 3 years ago

    Great interview Laura and the Falstaff Magazine is a lovely read. Thank you for the free download Anne.
    A nice way to spend a Sunday morning!

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