In this episode we visit and chat with David Dennison of Viking Irish Drinks in Co. Waterford.

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It was a beautiful summer day in his vineyard. Everything promises well for another fine vintage of the grapes that Dennis grows for his Viking Irish Wines.

The vineyard is fascinating for the variety of grape types that David has in the ground. It is, in effect, a magnificent experiment that will inform present and future Irish viticulturists. Remember, folks, you must have quality grapes to make quality wine. Ireland may not grow a lot of grapes but what is grown is of a very high quality. In this podcast David tells us what he has planted and why.

Nearly everything planted is resistant in varying degrees to Peronospora, Oidium, and Botryis. A few of the most popular include:

RONDO: Dark skinned 1964 cross from Czech Republic between ‘Zarya Severa’ and ‘St Laurent’.

SOLARIS: Amber coloured 1975 from Frieburg with a genetic background anchored in Muskat -Ottonel.

PINOTIN: Light Ruby Piwi breed from Switzerland between Blauer Spatburgunder and a number of resistance partners.

SOUVIGNIER GRIS: A pink skinned Frieberg Piwi from 1983. A cross between ‘Cabernet Sauvignon’ and ‘Bronner’.

Others include Cabernet Cortis, Johanniter, and Phoenix

David brings us on a journey that has had its ups and downs. He is a genuine pioneer who has an unwavering passion to make wines in Ireland from grapes grown on his own land. It helps that he doesn’t seem to mind the hard work involved!

Viking Irish Drinks also has  wide range of Craft Ciders in the market along with an intriguing small batch annual production of a Blackcurrant Liqueur.


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