Recently I met with David Llewelyn at his farm in Lusk, north County Dublin. It’s a small holding where he grows a fantastic collection of fruits that include, pear, apple, cherry and grape. 


It’s also a business where David makes truly interesting products. Try his Perry (sparkling pear wine). It’s really very good!

David has a wine label called LUSCA. It’s a collection of red wines and a new sparkling wine. They are genuine finds.

In this podcast David tells us his story. Why does he not grow any white grapes? Where did his love of the RONDO grape come from? This a unique story where hard work meets vine growing and wine making talent. Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot! Really?

On the day David was very generous. It was a tasting for the ages! The Lusca Sparkling Wine is the real deal. Remember, David only grows red grapes so this is a Rose. It’s so good that I can see a lot of the vineyards’ grapes heading towards it in the future. 

The Lusca Rondo is a very versatile grape. The wine ages really well and one sample of a Rondo made with semi dried grapes really impressed these taste buds. Mind you that’s testament to David’s wine making skills.

Quantities of the various LUSCA wines are small. Hence you won’t find any inexpensive bottles! Google ‘LUSCA’ though, and you’ll find a collection of the finest wine stores in Ireland. They all want a slice of the action because ‘ the action’ is so very good. Read an excellent Producer profile here on the Terroirs wine store web site.


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  1. Richard Bampfield 12 months ago

    Thanks Kevin. Is this the vineyard I think I flew over before landing at Dublin airport on Sunday?

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