I’m not sure how I came by Oenologique. I found it on the floor with my Sunday papers but I can’t believe that it would have been delivered as a freebie inclusion. Certainly my dad who gets the same paper didn’t receive one but then if the publishers knew anything about my dad’s drinking habits that was a wise move, it would have been wasted on him. He believes in the opposite of drinking less but better and ignores all advice to the contrary from his daughter. Obviously, it was delivered with the papers so I can only sympathise with the paper boy and hope he’s a strapping lad who works out because it’s quite a weighty tome. 734g to be precise.

Oenologique is printed 4 times a year and this was the 6th edition. It costs £10. Guy Woodward,  formerly of Decanter, is the editor and the list of subeditors, consultants and writers is akin to a Who’s Who of the wine and spirit press. Our own Charles Metcalfe is involved. My daughter is Art Director for a fashion magazine, More or Less, which is similar in style, content and price just with, obviously, a different subject matter and target audience, so evidently it is a mould which works.

American Beauty, Oenologique

It is beautifully put together with stunning photos and text by writers I admire and enjoy reading – Fiona Beckett, Tim Atkin, Robert Joseph. There are ads, of course, but they don’t dominate and are ultra-attractive and appealing. The focus is on the more superior, serious (I mean expensive) wines and spirits so the targeted reader will be a certain type of drinker/buyer I expect. I’m not sure I’m it but I thoroughly enjoyed leafing through its glossy pages and delving into the articles of interest to me. Not everyone enjoys seeing wines being given scores but I find it helpful and interesting when they are awarded by people whose palates I respect.

IWSC is the sister company so Adam Lechmere is involved, of course, along with useful IWSC competition scores and results. There’s also a website Club Oenologique

If you haven’t already seen the magazine and are after more wine-reading matter then make sure you have room on your book shelves because you are likely to want to keep it.


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