Many of you, as WSET alumni, will have received the recent WSET update which included a download of a report by Tim Jackson MW, Consumer Wine Education: Should The Wine Trade Care? – a subject close to all our hearts.

The report is based on Tim’s Master of Wine dissertation, so is based on real research. Richard Bampfield MW was at seminar that Tim made at Prowein this year, presenting his findings and heartily recommends it to members.

The report includes findings that we probably already “know”, for example that educated wine consumers spend more on a bottle of wine than those who have not had any wine education. But it is good to see that these things are borne out by concrete research – and could be a useful resource for all of us in approaching potential clients and in tailoring marketing for our courses.

If you have not already received a link via WSET, you can download Tim’s report here:



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