The DLR was full, the foyer of ExCel buzzing, and I was ready and excited to be doing a real live presentation. I want to say, not a computer in sight, but I was clutching my USB stick eager to share my slides, emblazoned with the AWE logo on every page, with those attending.

The show was attended by a young crowd. Those eager to discover new brands and new ideas for the trade. And so I set to work introducing them to AWE and the benefits of a wine educator to introduce selling tools that can result in increased profits once you understand the market, the customer and of course the product.

Questions at the end included some from a new online wine store, a wedding venue and those in hospitality. And my favourite feedback was from a vey excited intern who had just started in wine retail and was there as part of work, “This has been such an eye opening day learning about a whole range of new things.”

I am very pleased one of those new things was the AWE and I look forward to spreading the word about who we are, the benefits of hiring those with our credentials and of course demonstrating that said credentials are invaluable  for wine educators to have themselves.


  1. Vivienne Franks 3 years ago

    So pleased that you were able to spread the word about AWE Mandy.
    Hopefully we will have more clients to teach and more requests for membership of AWE

  2. Keith Grainger 3 years ago

    Great job Mandy. Sorry I couldn’t stay for all your session as the scald on my forehead needed treating. I do have a photo of you in action which I will send to Andrea – perhaps she can upload. My session on faults went well too. I think this is the type of show that helps AWE engage with a younger crowd, and I hope we can take part next year.

    • Vivienne Franks 3 years ago

      Hope you are feeling better Keith and your tooth is fixed! Sorry I could not attend either Mandy’s or your session.

  3. Richard Bampfield 3 years ago

    Great work, Mandy, an excellent way of spreading the word…….

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