Over the last 6 months I have become friendly with a Ukrainian wine producer called Vitalii Shmulevych and have been helping him find an importer for his wines in the UK. As Vitalii puts it “50% of Ukraine’s population is fighting the war whilst the other 50% are trying to keep the economy going in order to fund the war”. He falls into the latter group as he is a big producer, employing a large number of people.
As AWE members, it is unlikely we have the skills to help the fighting (though I would be thrilled to discover otherwise!), but we can definitely help their economy by showing Ukrainian wines at tastings and supporting SWIG who, I am delighted to say, are bringing in a shipment of Vitalii’s wines. What’s more, AWE members enjoy a 20% discount when buying SWIG wines!
As they say, every little helps so every bottle ordered is helping in a small way. Interested? Further information on how to order is here

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